Mount Auburn Cemetery Asa Gray Garden

Landscape Architecture & Planting Plan | Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Asa Gray Garden at Mount Auburn is one of the first open spaces that greets visitors at the Cemetery and sets the tone for the myriad vistas, landscape specimens and monuments that await within its gates. Halvorson Design is currently working with Mount Auburn to revitalize Asa Gray garden to once again become an important visual and social anchor linking the visitor experience of Story Chapel with Bigelow Chapel and its new cremation facility, all the while offering Mount Auburn’s visitors a place of beauty, respite, tranquility and contemplation. 

Named after renowned 19th century botanist and Harvard Botanic Garden & Herbarium Director, Asa Gray, the plantings and specimens are ambitious and extensive, echoing the history of Asa Gray’s research of North American and Asian plant species. Halvorson Design is also reorienting the garden to align and complement the newly completed Caroline Path leading to Story Chapel, and redesigning open lawn areas welcoming visitors to explore the garden itself while leading the eye towards Bigelow Chapel and refurbished Laburnum Path. 


47,500 sf


project Manager

Ricardo Austrich ASLA



Mount Auburn Cemetery



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