Mount Auburn Cemetery

Historic Master Plan + Design | Cambridge, Massachusetts

In 1992, Halvorson Design provided Mount Auburn Cemetery, America's oldest garden cemetery, with its first comprehensive master plan.

This award-winning plan has been recognized as a major contribution to the field of historic landscape preservation. It addresses and reconciles two often conflicting goals: (a) to preserve a remarkable designed cemetery landscape and (b) to expand burial and memorial opportunities in order to continue as a viable business.

The firm continues to serve Mount Auburn with technical advice and designs that implement the plan. An example of this continued involvement is Birch Gardens, a new interment area that reclaims an underused edge of the Cemetery property for cremation remains and casket burials.

The design includes verdant plantings and a peaceful reflecting pool, along with an elegantly detailed, seven-foot high granite and cast iron memorial wall that replaced the chain link fence that formerly marked the cemetery boundary here.


1994 Honor Award for Master Plan,
Boston Society of Landscape Architects

1993 National Honor Award for Master Plan,
American Society of Landscape Architects

1992 Merit Award for Historic Landscape Report,
Boston Society of Landscape Architects

1999 Featured in M. Simo, published to mark the centennial of the ASLA, Master Plan
100 Years of Landscape Architecture



175 acres



Mount Auburn Cemetery

Landscape Historian:
Shary Page Berg