Climate Ready South Boston

Comprehensive Resilient Design Study, South Boston, Massachusetts

The goal of Climate Ready South Boston is to identify vulnerable resources and develop a series of near and long-term strategies for protecting the city from rising sea levels, coastal flooding, and storm surges, while creating social, environmental, and economic benefits and value to the people of South Boston.

Through a series of focus group meetings and public open houses, the team—Arcadis, Halvorson Design, the Woods Hole Group, and CivicMoxie—presented options and collected feedback from developers, residents, and other stakeholders on preferred solutions.

Options explored include building vertical seawalls, promoting the resilient design of buildings and structures, construction of a raised harborwalk/park spaces, and the creation of natural barriers, such as a salt marsh or sand dune, to protect vulnerable areas.

Released Fall 2018, the report provides a roadmap and implementation strategy for protecting South Boston and offers solutions that recognize the need to balance safety with a desire to introduce welcoming open spaces that enrich the community.


Robert Adams ASLA



City of Boston

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