Carver Elementary School

Education through Playspace | Carver, Massachusetts

Presented with the opportunity to develop an new building for their PK – 5th grade students, the Carver Elementary School requested a site and play area that responds to their desire for 21st century learning environments. Halvorson Design, in partnership with HMFH Architects, created two outdoor classrooms, four play areas and athletic fields for soccer and softball that meet the needs of elementary learners. 

The four play areas are designed to accommodate students at different stages of play, and are accessible to children of all abilities through the incorporation of inclusive play equipment. The playscapes are connected by colorful, resilient surfaces with tones and patterns that mimic Carver’s local cranberry bogs. 


22.4 acres 



Charles Kozlowski ASLA



Town of Carver

HMFH Architects

Civil Engineer:
Nitsch Engineering



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