Appalachian Mountain Club Adventure Playscape

Natural Playspace Design | Crawford Notch, NH

The Adventure Playscape is a joint effort between the Appalachian Mountain Club and Halvorson Design to promote AMC’s mission of protection, enjoyment and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters and trails of America’s Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The playscape encourages children to experience, learn about and appreciate the natural world. 

The design and implementation of this innovative natural “learning playscape” for kids and families alike allows children to climb rock staircases to the “summit” of the miniature mountain, use loose materials to construct their own lean-tos, explore tunnels, climb on logs and ladders, run along a swinging rope bridge and explore the “bear’s den” and rock garden — all amidst the beautiful backdrop of Crawford Notch.

Built with sustainability in mind, the reclaimed site is inspired by natural formations that can be found nearby and mimics natural ecological cycles. Natural materials incorporate locally sourced stone from a nearby quarry and native plantings. 

According to AMC, the site serves as “a first step into the world of outdoor exploration, learning and fun for kids who may not have spent much time in the outdoors.” As both a recreational and educational space, it is an introduction to what children might experience when exploring the adjacent White Mountains, as well as an entrance to hiking trails.


Craig Halvorson FASLA



Appalachian Mountain Club

Civil Engineer:
H.E. Bergeron Engineers



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