WWI Memorial Design Competition

The Plaza to the Forgotten War | Washington, DC

We were thrilled to be a part of the Johnsen Schmaling Architects design team, selected as a finalist for the WWI Memorial Design Competition in Washington DC, along with ARUP and George Sexton Associates. 

The Plaza to a Forgotten War is a memorial and urban park dedicated to the heroic sacrifices made by Americans during World War I. An expansive, linear field of in-ground fiber-optic lights fills the center of the site, forming a dense and seemingly endless grid of illuminated markers that conveys the staggering scale of losses endured. The site’s landscape features weave together the carefully choreographed layers of meaning, creating an inviting and sustainable urban park that devotedly holds onto the memory of a momentous war while accommodating the vibrancy of contemporary life — a dignified memorial plaza that faithfully upholds Washington’s distinguished legacy of monuments paying tribute to our nation’s unsung heroes.


1.76 acres 



Charles Kozlowski ASLA

Project manager

Bryan Jereb ASLA



World War I Centennial Commission

Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Civil Engineer:
Arup Engineering

Lighting Designer:
George Sexton Associates