Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Campus Quad + Wedge Terrace | Worcester, Massachusetts

With the addition of WPI’s new 500 space parking garage and elevated athletic fields expected to be completed in 2014, the school was looking to re-orient the campus in response to this major change to its composition. Working with the WPI Facilities Department, Halvorson Design developed a campus-wide conceptual framework plan to address the areas of greatest need. 

With new parking concentrated away from the center of campus, the first priority was to redesign The Quad by creating a strong, central community and gathering space for students and faculty. Halvorson Design accomplished this by re-aligning circulation connections, providing donor recognition opportunities, improving drainage within the established active high-use lawn and providing placemaking nodes. Concurrently, the team designed the Wedge Dining Terrace to and provide an outdoor dining terrace that, although adjacent to The Quad, is a destination in itself. 

As a result of these, and other work continuing on the campus, Halvorson Design addressed logistical challenges and prioritized a plan for the school to accomplish their goals as the campus evolves. Halvorson Design continues to work with the School to implement individual areas of the conceptual framework plan.


2.7 acres



Charles Kozlowski ASLA



Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Civil Engineer:
Samiotes Consultants, Inc.

Electrical Engineer:
Thompson Engineering Company, Inc.

General Contractor:
Cutler Associates, Inc.

Soils Consultant:
Pine & Swallow Environmental

Structural Engineer:
Goldstein-Milano, LLC