St. Paul's School

Academic Campus | Concord, New Hampshire

St. Paul’s School is a residential, private preparatory school with a Master Plan stressing the intersection between campus and community life, positive student/faculty interactions and a context for learning--not only in the classroom, but throughout entire campus. Halvorson Design has provided landscape architectural services since 2010 that respond to the school’s vision.

Located on the edge of the City of Concord, NH, HDP has improved the campus’s entry by designing safer, clearer access to the school. In “town square,” known as Flagpole Commons, the firm improved legibility and definition to accommodate special events and everyday circulation. Finally, a new Arts Walk unifies two repurposed buildings with outdoor seating, sculptural artwork, defined native planting areas and improved accessibility.


Charles Kozlowski ASLA



St. Paul's School

Ann Beha Architects (Visual Arts Facility)



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