St. Paul's School

Academic Campus | Concord, New Hampshire

Located in a beautiful rural village setting, St. Paul’s School is a leading co-educational preparatory school on the outskirts of New Hampshire’s state capital. With an ambitious program of new and renovated spaces planned, the School engaged Halvorson Design Partnership as its consultant campus landscape architect.

Projects include:

The ‘Meadow’ the physical center of the SPS campus, presents a unique opportunity for SPS. Halvorson Design Partnership provided conceptual design services for a pedestrian boardwalk crossing of the meadow during spring floods to key areas of campus (the quad, academic core, Rectory Road). Platforms provided outdoor spaces for teaching, socializing or respite.

Flagpole Commons, the central campus crossroads and the school’s “Town Square”, is both a reflective and active space. Halvorson Design Partnership provided Schematic Design through Construction Administration Services to improve legibility and definition of this special campus space that accommodates both the Anniversary Weekend Flagpole Ceremony and everyday circulation and interaction. Initial studies and final design defined the edge between the adjacent Library Pond and the more active plaza.

The Arts Walk is intended as a unifying element to bring together the re-purposed building programs of Moore and Freeman, both now associated with the Arts. Outdoor seating, designated areas for placement of sculpture and planted areas will help to define the predominately pedestrian area. Plantings will include a grove of birch or similar type ornamental native tree with native groundcovers and low plantings. An accessible route will be provided throughout the area to and from the Arts Walk through new elevators in Moore and Freeman and new ramp and sidewalk allowing access from Rectory Road.

The St. Paul’s School campus is located at the edge of the City of Concord, NH where Pleasant Street transitions to Hopkinton Road and commuting traffic can be quite fast. The existing entry sequence was both confusing and dangerous. Halvorson Design Partnership provided Schematic Design through Construction Administration services to re-align and define this main campus entrance. Landscape improvements include a new granite and split-rail fence, new entry bosque of Red Maples, new native plantings and transplanted rhododendron grove, new entrance sign and directional signage. The realignment of Rectory Road preserved several large trees and accommodated the steep grade up to Alumni Hall. New sidewalks connect campus to existing Pleasant Street sidewalks.