Hancock Adams Common

Quincy, Massachusetts

Bringing new life and activity to historic Quincy, Hancock Adams Common is poised to become a focal point for the city with its new activated park and streetscape that connects cyclists and pedestrians to the bustling downtown.

Contemporary water features and elegant materials establish a celebratory ground that commemorates the town’s national renown as the birthplace and home of two American presidents. 

The ambitious park design includes realignment of the urban fabric, including reconstruction of two major streets, to develop an integrated vision for the park and surrounding historic downtown.

The transformation of Hancock Street introduces a tree-lined promenade that creates an attractive setting for three of the city’s most important historic sites: United First Parish Church, Old City Hall and Hancock Cemetery.    


2019 Frederick Law Olmsted Award
Preservation Mass

2018 APA MA Award
American Planning Association, Massachusetts Chapter

2019 Bronze Award (Woodard & Curran)
ACEC Massachusetts Engineering Excellence
American Council of Engineering Companies

2018 Silver Award (Howard Stein Hudson)
ACEC Massachusetts Engineering Excellence
American Council of Engineering Companies



PRoject managEr

Richard Houghton RLA CDT


City of Quincy

Project Manager / Civil Engineer (Phase II):
Woodard & Curran

Fountain Designer:
Dan Euser Water Architecture

Electrical Engineer:
BALA Consulting Engineers

Irrigation Designer:
Irrigation Consulting, Inc.

Structural Engineer:

Lighting Designer:
Lumen Studio, Inc.

Horticultural Soils Consultant:
Pine & Swallow Environmental

Wayfinding Signage:
Roll Barresi

Interpretive Designer:
Flanders + Associates

Geotechncial Engineer:
GEI Consultants

Waterproofing Consultant:
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Civil / Traffic Engineer (Phase I):
Howard Stein Hudson

Modeling Consultant:
Radlab, Inc.

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